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There is 20 quests in Doge Coin Mining Tycoon, which the last one requires you to be lvl 212!

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Welcome to the un-offical Doge Coin Mining Tycoon Wiki!

We are a growing wiki about the roblox game "Doge Coin Mining Tycoon," created by the group called "Ursa Major Games." This game is similar to to the game "Bitcoin Miner." This is a game about building shelfs and putting GPUs on those shelfs, which in turn would give you "Doge coin" which you could convert into money, with the "Exchange" building. Which is supposed to be similar to the Stock Market. If you would like to learn more check out the How To Play page. And yes, the currency "Doge-coin" is supposed to be the crypto-currency "Doge-coin." Have fun searching!

Doge coin simulator was created on the 4th of June 2021.

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